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Effortlessly Navigate through Your Community

Helios’ electric golf cart is a perfect choice for community transport. With the lithium battery and EM brake system, the cart provides quiter and easier operation as as to make great option for navigating through your community. Plus, its eco-friendly nature means that it's a sustainable option for transportation. Whether you're running errands or just enjoying a leisurely ride, Helios’ golf carts can make getting around your community a breeze.


Experience the Unrivaled Power and Long Range

Helios’ 72V lithium battery offers excellent power and acceleration performance generating great driving experience. Our 72V lithium battery is able to provide you a range of over 120 KM allowing for more extended trips without needing to recharge. Helios’ golf cart with a 72 V lithium battery makes an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and efficient mode of transportation.

Enjoy Real Quality with Real Affordable Price

All Helios frames were welded by robot welder so as to control quality. All our suppliers have been carefully chosen and will experience periodic audit to ensure the consistency and quality. Due to our familarity with China’s supply chain of golf cart industry, we are able to control the cost in a good level while maintaining the required quality standard.

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