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Welcome to Helios Electric Vehicles, a leading provider of electric vehicles and golf carts for both personal and commercial use. We are committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and reliable transportation solutions to our customers.


Helios is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and social innovation through the sale of electric vehicles (EVs). We believe our business can be a powerful force for positive change for our planet, but also good for business.

Giving Back

Helios Electric Vehicles draws inspiration from the Greek mythology, where HELIOS, the “God of the Sun”, symbolizes light and energy. This is the foundation that HELIOS Electric Vehicles stands upon - a commitment to provide sustainable and efficient transportation solutions that harness the power of the sun.

Our company was founded by industry veterans who shared a vision to build a sustainable world by offering world-class electric vehicles that prioritize the comfort and relaxation of our customers. At HELIOS, we are committed to creating a brighter and more sustainable future, one electric vehicle at a time. Join us on this journey towards a cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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